Position Details
Position Title Advanced Trainee
Position Number 23617
Employment Status Full Time - Exempt
Applications Close 16/08/2020
Maximum length of training contract 06/02/2022
Local Health District Northern NSW Local Health District
Facility Grafton Base Hospital
Specialty Emergency Medicine
Sub Specialty None
Additional Training Focus Critical Care
Award Public Hospital Medical Officers (State) Award
Classification Resident Medical Officer
Salary Band $81,639.00 to $127,539.00
Main Purpose of Position Due to COVID-19 and the changes to college requirements during the pandemic, NSW Health may make changes to the recruitment process. Formal interviews may be conducted electronically rather than face to face however, candidates will be notified as soon as practical of any changes.

1 year rotational training position of 6 months in Emergency Medicine and 6 Months of ICU/Anaesthesia. The Trainee is clinically responsible to the Director of Emergency Medicine during the Emergency term and the Director of ICU during theCritical Care term. The traineeis ultimately responsible to the Director Medical Services, Clarence Health Service.
Position Requirements The Trainee is expected to provide support to the Emergency Departments at Grafton Base Hospital as follows:
Provision of patient care in the Emergency Department and Inpatient wards, at all times making decisions in consultation with their immediate supervisor.
Communicating and co-ordinating care within the department, arranging consultation with other staff when appropriate and then arranging discharge and liaising with local medical officers and other community based care modalities as appropriate.
Communication of assessment and management decisions to appropriate senior clinicians, junior medical staff, multidisciplinary team members and other staff involved in the patients’ care.
Ensuring that the patient’s admission, treatment and plans are clearly documented in the medical record.
Communicating with the patient and their family the nature of their condition and its treatment.
Trainees are to provide supervision and advice to medical students working in the department, with appropriate involvement of the senior clinicians when needed.
The Trainee will receive support and feedback from the FACEM.
Actively participate in regular clinical meetings, clinical reviews, educational activities and other meetings for the Emergency Department team and provide teaching to Trainee, medical students and nursing staff within the unit.
Trainee will be offered participation in ACEM specialist training program with 6 months emergency department accreditation with paediatric logbook approval.
Supporting and participating in maintaining a safe work environment, knowledge and understanding of hospital safety procedures, a commitment to open disclosure, a commitment to continuous quality improvement including incident reporting through IIMS, participation on the investigation of identified risks and in implementing measures to resolve them.
Comply with Child Protection and Domestic Violence policies and procedures and attend mandatory training.
Local Background & Environment Emergency Department Grafton Base Hospital, Arthur Street Grafton NSW

Grafton has a population of approximately 20,000 but is the main medical referral for the district of 54,000 people.

Grafton Base Hospital is a 110 bed rural acute care hospital providing the following services:
24hr Emergency Department
Anaesthetic Clinic, Antenatal Classes, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Children's Ward, Community Health Services, Day Surgery Unit, Dental Clinic, Dietetics, Discharge Planning, Ear Nose and Throat Surgery, High Dependency Unit, HIV / STD Education, Home Nursing, Maternity Ward, Medical and Surgical Wards, Mental Health Services, Midwifery Early Discharge Program, Occupational Therapy, Oncology Outreach Clinic, Ophthalmology surgery, Palliative Care, Pathology Laboratory, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Radiography, Renal Dialysis, Speech Pathology, Welfare Worker

Emergency Department Maclean District Hospital, 21 Union Street Maclean NSW
Key Internal and External Relationships Key Internal Relationships:
Clinical streams
Multidisciplinary Teams
Consumers / Carers
Other Clinical Divisions
Hospital Administration

Key External Relationships:
Consumer / Carers
Police, Ambulance
Supervision Arrangements The Trainee will receive supervision and support from the Departmental Consultant, as well as Specialist Consultants. The Trainee will have access to a senior supervisor.
Challenges/Problem Solving Working co-operatively with other medical staff and multidisciplinary teams to ensure the efficient management of patients presenting for assessment and management, with a view to enabling appropriate access for all presenting patients.
Working in a complex environment where there are competing priorities and strict deadlines.
Developing strong working relationships with a multidisciplinary workforce.
Understanding of and commitment to organisational mission and goals.
Demonstrating initiative to resolve issues.
Sharing information and learning experiences with colleagues
Maintaining and exhibiting a superior level of professional interpersonal and written communication skills.
Maximizing the efficient utilization of the physical resources of the Health Service.
Balancing mandated training and education requirements with service provisions, within the limitations of a busy public health service.
Decision Making Close and effective liaison with consultants will allow the Advanced Trainee to demonstrate their level of ability and understanding of patient care and enable you to expand your areas of responsibility.
All patients managed within the hospitals of the health service are under the direct care of a specialist medical practitioner. All decisions regarding their care are to be clearly communicated with the specialist responsible for that care.
Appropriately allocate teaching time according to evidence of learning need.
Deal with matters in a confidential manner.
Respect the professional values of staff.
Communication Communicating with and co-ordinating care with the inpatient teams. Arranging consultation with other staff when appropriate. Arranging discharge and liaising with local medical officers and other community based care modalities as appropriate.
Communication of assessment and management decisions to appropriate FACEM / VMO / Staff Specialist, Junior Medical Officer, multidisciplinary team members and other staff involved in the patient’s care.
Communicating with the patient and their family the nature of their condition and its treatment.
Active member of a multidisciplinary team.
Performance Monitoring All employees have an annual formal performance agreement with their manager that sets out individual performance objectives linked to corporate objectives as well as the capabilities they are required to demonstrate in their role, and participate in a formal performance appraisal at least once a year.
All employees are responsible for developing their own performance to meet expectations and achieve their objectives; actively contributing in all aspects of performance management; having open and honest conversations with managers and colleagues; providing feedback to managers; openly receiving feedback and proactively driving their own development with the support of their managers.
Additional Information


  1. Completion of at least two postgraduate years working as a medical officer with demonstrated competence in emergency medicine.
  2. Currently registered or eligible for registration in Medical Board of Australia.
  3. Registered trainee of Australasian College for Emergency Medicine.
  4. Ability and willingness to move between services and geographical location to deliver patient care (including rural locations).
  5. Prepared to participate in overtime and on-call work as required.


  1. Management and co-ordination of the clinical team in the diagnosis and management of the patient’s condition, including the requests for tests, medication, interventional treatment and consults. Initiation of changes to management plan with limitations set out by agreement with the Attending Officer. Management of unstable patients and ensuring an adequate handover to after hours medical staff.
  2. To perform procedures as approved and/or supervised by the supervising Senior Medical Officer.
  3. Communicating with the patient about his/her condition and management, or with the immediate family of the patient if unconscious or otherwise unable to comprehend to consent. Ensuring ongoing support and information to the patient and family (where appropriate).
  4. Ensuring the junior medical officers complete an accurate history and examination, review management plans, investigations and action taken are recorded in the patient’s medical record including regular progress notes and arranging theatre and procedural lists as required.
  5. Communicating and coordinating effectively with nursing and other staff in regard to management plans, diagnostic requests, consultations and the management of unstable patients.
Additional Documents no addditional documents have been provided

College Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
Organisation Chart OrgChart 29.07.2019.pdf
Job Demands Checklist Click Here to View
Selection Criteria 1: MBBS or equivalent, currently registered with the Medical Board of Australia

2: Registered with ACEM as a Trainee

3: Demonstrated knowledge for the need for sensitivity and consideration in relation to confidentiality and privacy with a health care setting.

4: Demonstrated ability to work with appropriate independence, commensurate with a level of a Advanced Trainee , within a supervised complex clinical environment with good organisational and time management skills.

5: Demonstrated high level of interpersonal and written communications skills and the ability to effectively communicate with staff, patients and their families.

6: Demonstrated ability to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team.

7: Demonstrated commitment to quality improvement, patient safety and risk management.

8: Valid and unencumbered Drivers Licence for use in NSW/Australia.
Contact Details Dr Will Davies